Fitz of Fury 2009 pics

I feel like I missed out! You’ll be kept on as a fine replacement indeed. I’ll give you a little hint, though. The trick to getting great crash shots at that spot is to have Troy at the top shoving sticks into people’s spokes. And Justin never suspected a thing!

Great race on a great day!!! Sometimes hard to watch a race when everyone looks like they’re having a blast…I did get a lot of photos though and they’re worth checking out here (there’s one of Enid’s butt):…24&l=0a37f59994. Since Sue and Troy were in Iceland, I got to take photos at the same spot as Sue did last year. Justin didn’t put on a good crash performance this year but others did. I’m no photographer like Sue, but hopefully I did ok as a fill in :slight_smile:

Lots of photos taken and I tried to get everyone at least once (there are many of you who have a bunch of shots taken of you). If I missed you, my apologies but you were probably going so smoking fast I couldn’t get the shot. Also, If you want a copy in the really big file format so that you can blow it up poster style, drop me an email at I’ll try and send them to you in the not too distant future, however, I will be on vacation this week so you might have to remind me again next week.