Fitz ride/guide Sunday

A few of us are planning to ride Fitz Sunday morning around 11. None of us know the trail. If anyone does and wishes to join up and guide us, that would be great.
Others are welcome to join us as well, with the understanding that it is in no way an official group ride, just a bunch of us meeting and trying to find our way through…

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My wife and I were planning to go for a ride Sunday. How big of a group?

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Four of us.

I’m hoping that was a guide offer?? :grinning:

Possible. It’s her birthday tomorrow so things are kind of up in the air. Plus it’s haying season.

Ok. If you do decide, feel free to PM me tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks!

Have been there a few times and happy to join up with you if that’s ok. Just have to find my gear :grin:

Sure. We are still planning to arrive around 11.

Nick the Scot! I’ll mention you’re in town and Enid will probably be happy to give a tour. Don’t forget the Newcastle (kidding, I never touch that stuff now)

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Indeed. I’m gonna look a bit mixed up. Flats and old DH 510s I found I had in Calgary, biking shirt but climbing shorts, and a normal SC Tallboy… but is a 29er… will explain when I see you :grin:

Do you have shoes? I can bring some spds?

Big 45 feet. Will make it work for tomorrow but off to get some next week

Folk will have to pass at last moment. The gear I thought I had here was not what I actually had :man_facepalming:… so sorry won’t be able to make it… Happy Birthday Enid and will try for next time… N

Bummer dude, next time.