Fitzpatrick Mountain

I am just wondering why the fitz seems so under hyped. Its an amazing riding area. I’m surprised it’s not packed with riders at times. Also, is there any enduro type races or xc races there?

I know, right!

Maybe because it’s right between Vic Park and Keppoch, which are both big draws.

There was an enduro race there in 2016. Nothing since. And BNS used to have an annual XC race called Fitz of Fury. Not sure if that’s still going. I’m not up on the race scene.

I’d be up for a Fitz ride sometime.
I raced the Enduro in 2016 and loved all the trails I rode there.

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I would be game for a day of riding. Rode it 2 weeks ago and hiked it tonight. There are some wicked trails decently maintained .

I dig the climb then decent style of riding it offers. I guess that’s true, it’s a nice change of scenery from vic park for certain.

I think it’s likely a combination of location and climbing. A lot of people that like the kind of riding it has to offer we rather get shuttled up Keppoch. I personally love Fitz and think it has some of the best trails in NS but the travel time is the biggest preventing factor for me. ~3 hours of driving total is a lot when you have kids and family that also want your time.

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It’s about 30 minutes for me so it’s pretty convenient vs fight trail or anything in the city. I feel like an organized Enduro there would be so awesome. The riding is fantastic, but there is some weed eating and trimming that could be done. If I knew if I was allowed I would trim back some of it on a hike or something. I feel like the town of Scotsburn could benefit from an event.

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They had a legit enduro race there in 2016 with 6 legit stages.
Chip timing for individual stages, awesome swag, bbq meal after and great prizes. I left with 2 full growlers of Uncles Leos beer and a wicked second place trophy that was crafted by a local blacksmith.

Unfortunately the race was changed from August (due to the woods being closed that summer due to dryness) and moved to October. No one really showed up at all with a total of about 20 racers coming out. That wouldnt even cover the rental of the timing equipment.


That would be a great time. I really would have to say that between Empire Trails and Fitz it’s a hard decision to which is my favorite away trail.

“Town of Scotsburn” AKA Debs Diner. lolz

Not much there but still could be a great time and couldnt hurt the community.

I live down the road so I just think its kinda funny referring to it as a community, that’s all.

I’m 25 or 30 minutes out. I guess the surrounding community is more appropriate maybe. Maybe not even now that I think of it.

I don’t think they even have a store anymore. Just the diner. Seats six. (kidding, don’t know how many they can cram in there)

I always go to the DQ out by the highway or into Sam’s for some Za. But still an Enduro would be so fun. I’m tempted to go over but have a 2 day ride planned Monday Tuesday next week and can’t risk burning my legs out

I’ve have some pretty good meals at Debs. Maybe enhanced by the climb.

She used to be located in Pictou where Stone Soup is now. Stone Soup has excellent food too.

(random thoughts, I know)

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Maybe I’ll try it next time. I’m going up and down at least 2x next time. 14 kilometers doesn’t fill my boots. Make the food extra good.