Five Bridges Wilderness Area/Old Coach Road Pilot Project Status?

I was Googling for information about the Old Coach Road/Five Bridges Wilderness Area and ran across this:

"In 2016, these same 12 kilometers of trail were designated for bicycle use. This is the first trail in a wilderness area where bicycle use has been authorized.

This is a pilot project that will help Nova Scotia Environment and others understand the needs and impacts of bicyclists and the interaction with other users along a multi-use trail in a wilderness area. The project was proposed by the Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area Stewardship Coalition, with support from ATVANS. Bicycle use is only permitted in wilderness areas on trails designated for that purpose."

Anyone know the status of this pilot project?

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You can drive ATV and bikes on the designated roads. “Pilot Project” is just bureaucrat-babble for your allowed to do it now. The roads are “maintained” by The Safety Minded ATV Club

If your looking into the area there’s a great publication about hiking the old roads, it has lots of maps and points out where many historical artifacts and sites are located.

here’s a link to the PDF file download


Ahhh… I see what you mean. “Pilot project” just means “allowed for now”.

I wonder if it would be worth connecting with the atv club about trail maintenance, mainly to address water holes, not that we don’t have enough trail projects on the go.