For Aaron:

Thanks Man! I’ll check back there often. Looks cool.

There was some sick videos of these on Pinkbike a while back.

I’d probably BMX race that thang as well, if it was a bunch of old guys with me.

I know they’re trying to stay true to form, but this thing with vbrakes at least would kick ass.

Agreed! Coasters are fun-ish, but they don’t seem to enjoy hard landings too much. Might be a pretty high end hub, though. I didn’t check. I’ve MTB’d on a coaster, and some of the traits are similar to riding a fixie, at least in the lack of ratcheting the pedals back to a good position. You only forget once!

I need a set of those bars and a better coaster braked for my ‘klunker’ if you want to call it that.

I’d never buy one, but I still want one.

I do like the old skool ball protector. I do seem to remember that on my old BMX it never did a very good job of protecting the things dearest to me though.