For sale Small 2006 Specialized Hardrock Sport

Asking $350, thats negotiable tho.

I’m selling this bike because I’m getting my wife a 29er. Its been stored inside every day of its life and is in excellent shape. It retailed for $500 when we bought it new. She was busy having babies and didn’t get to ride it very much for about 3 years.

Size is small, which means it will fit someone pretty much from 5 feet to 5’6 ish. I’m 5’8 and with the seat up I’ve ridden it a few times with no discomfort.

The following parts have not just been replaced, but UPGRADED from the original parts spec.

  • rear and front deraillure to LX 9 speed (shifters too)
  • 9 speed rear casette
  • bottom bracket and crank, rings etc. (Truative Stylus)
  • front fork from RST garbage to a RockShox Dart II
  • new v brakes and levers

It currently has a set of Specialized Fasttrack tires in good condition, 26inch x 2.1 inch.

I’m posting a picture from the Specialized site because the bike is currently sitting in my workshop without wheels as I put tires back on it. I’ll have the tires on it today so just request a pic if you want one.

Oh, I live in Beaverbank.