Fork Service

My bike has a Rockshox Reba RL fork that appears to need service. If I hold the front brake and rock the bike back and forth there is a knocking noise in the fork. (Knocking is not in the headset.) The fork also doesn’t seem to work properly. It barely compresses when I get on the bike and if I lean on the handlebars to compress it a bit, it doesn’t extend until I get completely off the bike. If i compress it fully, it does rebound though. I messed with air pressure and rebound adjustment, but can’t make it work well.

The bike is just over one year old with about 1500 km of riding. Is this normal and it needs to be serviced or should I be trying to get a warranty repair? If it needs service, are there any shops that do this locally?

Doesn’t sound normal… I’d look into warranty.

Ghost, I have the same fork and same knocking noise. However it’s not the fork making the noise, it’s the brake assembly. There is a very very small amount of play in the brake caliper/pad housing. When I apply the brake and rock the bike back and forth the pads lock down on the rotor as they should, but the pad housing “snaps” as it moves which makes a cracking/knocking sound. I can create the same sound on the rear brake too so I know it’s not a fork issue.

I don’t have any compression/rebound issues with my fork. Any chance your fork lockout is on, or maybe just stuck in the on position?

Unfortunately I’m quite sure it’s in the fork. I thought about it being in the brakes, but I don’t get the same thing with the rear. I can also feel it in the fork itself. The lockout isn’t on and appears to be working properly. (I had to have that replaced last summer when it wasn’t working.)

I hope I’m wrong, but it seems like the fork is going to need some work.

Chek ur cabels and then warrantry it.

But seriously, SRAM stuff has a 2 year warranty (excludes removal/installation and shipping of your fork back though). So, maybe instead of dicking around, bring it back to where you bought it with your P.O.P. and get it taken care of before the really good riding is happening.

I got out for a ride yesterday and the fork seemed to perform well enough. It was my first ride running a tubeless setup with about 25 psi in the front so that obviously made the ride a bit smoother though. I’m planning to keep an eye on it for now and will hopefully get out for a ride with someone that has a similar fork soon so I can compare.

That sounds like your bushings are messed up - perhaps one of them isn’t secured properly. I’d definitely get it looked at sooner than later, you don’t want to cause damage to your stanchions, those things are pricey. Also check the bolt on the bottom of the fork, make sure it’s not lose (this probably isn’t the case though).

If it’s under warranty, definitely have it looked at. It’s not going to be cheap to have it fixed if it’s not covered by warranty, but still cheaper than a new set of stanchions + labour to install/fix it. Plus it sounds like the suspension action is way off anyway - so you’ll also benefit from a fork that works properly.