Fork suckdown

I let air out of my fork by pressing the little pin and the fork got sucked down and I cannot get it to come back up anyone know how to fix this?

Did you try pumping some air back into the valve that you pressed on?


Exactly this. Air forks are highly pressurized and you will lose 100% of the air pretty much immediately. You will need a shock pump to bring it back, but it should be fine.

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The valve allows you to customize the spring of your fork - I’m heavy so I need more air pressure than a lighter rider. The valve is a normal Shraeder valve, but normal bike pumps don’t work that well for pumping up forks and shocks. There are specific pumps (low volume, high pressure, don’t release much pressure when unscrewed) for forks and shocks. Any bike shop will have one, and many of us have our own. I’m in Lower Sackville if you want to borrow mine. Typically you run enough pressure for about 20% sag (natural amount that the fork compresses when just sitting on the bike at normal riding weight wearing your normal gear).


I believe normal pumps also push too much volume so its recommended against using one

Yeah I pumped it up to 130 but it stayed down, brought it to to the bike shop and problem solved