FOUND Looking for: 30.9 Seat Post

Hey there! So I unexpectedly found a new frame to replace my current Kona Stinky (going up for sale if anyone may want a piece of history) But I need to get my hands on a new 30.9 seat post and clamp. Doesn’t need to be anything fancy at the moment as I will be installing a dropper post in it. However just want something as an “in the meantime” setup.

Ill check when i get home if i have the right size clamp… i have a brand new quick release which i bought the wrong size by accident

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Thanks for checking!

31.8 sorry

No worries, thanks for looking

I don’t have a clamp, but I have a 30.9 x 350mm Easton post you are welcome to. It’s just taking up space on my seat post shelf.

Perfect! That’ll do just fine.

Seat post acquired, thanks Jeff! And clamp on the way. Let the build begin!

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