[FOUND] Trail Bike ~$2000

Hello kind people!

Starting my search for a trail bike. Prefer full suspension but will consider hardtails too, 29" or 27.5", size M or maybe L depending on geo.

Budget is approx $2000 depending on the offer. Post here or PM with offers. Thanks!

EDIT: Found one!

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I am getting my 2014 Specialized Stumpjumper Hardtail 29er ready to sell. It’ll be less than a grand. Size medium. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll PM you details.

I know we already chatted but I am selling my giant reign, it’s still up for sale. Thanks

I have a 2014 Rocky Mountain Instinct 930, size M. Would be willing to let it go for $1000. Let me know if you’d be interested and I can get some pictures for you.

Thanks very much for the offers so far!

@Coaster2 I’ll pass on the Stumpjumper for now - gonna try and find a FS first before considering hardtails

@gdfraser I’ll pass on the Instinct too because I’m trying to find something with slacker geometry.

@Ryan02 PM’d you

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