[FOUND] WTB Women's Small Hardtail

Hello again!

Looking for another bike for the wifey so we can go biking together. Looking for a hard tail / front suspension bike with 26 or 27.5" wheels, women’s S or maybe M frame (wife is 5’3"), disc brakes (hopefully hydraulic), and ~100 mm travel fork with lockout. Max budget is approx $400 but actual price will be discussed.

Thanks for your time! PM me if you’ve got something so we can chat.

My wife is 5’2" and rides a womens specific medium if I remember correctly. TBH it could be a small but definitely not XS. That might open up your search a bit

I definitely wouldn’t want to tell the boys at work that my wife rides an extra small :zipper_mouth_face:



OK thanks for the info. Ad title edited accordingly.

Due to the wheel size if you get a 29" or 27.5" there’s a practical minimum size; if you don’t decrease the wheel size the bike can’t really get much smaller since the effective top tube length can’t be too short without excessive toe overlap. So you just end up with a weird geometry. I would lean to a 26" wheel for someone 5’3" since the toe overlap won’t be as bad. If you can find one you might get a good deal, too. Because small wheels are slow :rofl:

@muddy: that’s why GM, Ford, and Dodge can sell such ridiculously huge pickups.

Ended up buying a bike at the Cyclesmith tent sale. $475 for a new Kona Lanai seemed like a pretty good deal! Managed to find one in a XS frame too. Should be more than adequate for my wife’s riding preferences. Thanks again for the assistance :slight_smile: