Four Cross! Video up!

Pull out your old jump bikes, tune them up and get ready to shred some big berms and sweet jumps. Our site is secured, design approved, machines booked and course build is starting tomorrow morning. Photos to follow asap.

I’m stoked. This is going to be so much fun!!! Who’s ready for some head to head racing?

See bellows posts for video…

Going to be awesome! Hoping to lend a hand anyway I can. Bring on some racing!

That’s pretty cool, is the course going to remain after the racing is done, or will it get bulldozed?

Plan is to keep the track. Host lots of races, use if for programs, clinics, weekly non-competitive 4x events, tourism draw, etc…

Ryan, will it be open all the time for recreational riding/fun or is it strictly an “event” type deal?

Course will be open all the time for riding, training, racing your friends and just having fun!

Our long term plan is to run a evening 4X race program for kids and adults (likely starting in the fall) on a weekly or even bi-weekly basis. Have some one on site to manage the course, run fun races and give training tips.

Rough cut the lower section of the track today and dig a bunch of shaping and started cleaning up the site a bit.

Things are starting to shape up! The first straight is already rolling pretty quick. Hopefully we’ll get our lumber in for Friday and take care of the bridges. I can’t wait to test the whole track at speed!! :smiley:

best construction project to hit the province since electricity, seriously stoked, its going to bring people from all over in to run the burgler. Whens it done?haha

^ ^ excellent comment! I like that!

We’re doing the wood work early in the week some time and need to bring some more fill in for features and capping a few of the sandy areas. We should be done what we have planned of this round of building by next weekend.

“The Burgler” - Awesome. It’ll bring people all the way from The Whopper to ride.

I’m sure everyone would be interested in a video of some track “testing” :slight_smile:

The pics do not do this justice! This is going to rock, and since I’ll be living in the area, I’m going to practice a lot and be able to kick some butt from visiting haligonians! Yes, I just threw down the gauntlet…bring it on!

Soon. We have two key bridges that need to go in before you can ride the whole track in one shot. More photos and video later this week. :smiley:

Update time. Out lumber will show up this morning and bridges will be in for this afternoon or tomorrow morning. We still need to bring some (lots) of spoil in to cover some sandy areas but things are looking up!

Yesterday we capped the two large drain culverts mid track, shaped some berms, built some moto whoops and the finishing jump. It’s really starting to get fun out there :slight_smile:

Bridge building time!

This is looking amazing! Awesome work as always guys!

Thanks Jetter!

Today was another productive one. We the put in the second bridge, shaped some rollers, and installed two power pole speed bumps on the first straight. Big Thanks to NS Power for the poles, they look great!

We should take delivery of our top soil on Monday if all goes to plan. We’re getting close now :slight_smile:

Keep it coming my little trail knights, you guys are doing such a good job, looks amazing!

Looks fun!

When i come home in august to visit someone want to lend me a bike so i can ride the track?

Looks fun!

When i come home in august to visit someone want to lend me a bike so i can ride the track?