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Fredericton has some fun trails, and so close together. I haven’t been there in a few years but now that I don’t have livestock a road trip might be in order.

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i’m from fredericton. i grew up there, my family grew up there (mostly), and i started riding bikes there. “back in the day” i.e. the early-to-mid-90s when i started riding mountain bikes, the scene consisted of a couple trails in the woodlot, getting yelled at constantly in odell park, making myself bleed at claudie rd, super covert trails i’m still sworn to keep secret, and woolastook (i did my first race at woolastook). it was enough, but it wasn’t as awesome as, say, those videos coming out of the west. so, i moved to bc. i don’t regret it, but i went back east for a visit last september, and i was blown away by the quantity and quality of the people and the trails. superb: well organized group rides on a regular basis. amazing, well maintained trails. and more craft breweries, and pubs carrying the product of same, than i ever thought possible for this little city in the maritimes. between the cost of living in vancouver, missing my family and friends, my dad’s house sitting empty, and the insane trail network and advocacy happening in freddy, i’m considering going back. not seriously, actually, but a little tiny bit. eventually. maybe.

anyone even thinking about visiting, i recommend it highly: trails easily accessible from town (like, you can ride to the trailhead in a half hour at most), group rides all the time, the strong beer culture (if you’re into that kind of thing), and that classic maritime hospitality (which i’m sure you guys take for granted, but i’m always happy to find it when i get back). i wish plane tickets weren’t so expensive…

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