Free Bike Tires

I have a bunch of tires I’d like to get out of my apartment. Funny thing about moving from a house to an apartment is a lot less space.

So…I have some tires I’d like to donate to someone.

1 Kenda Nevegal 29"er tire

1 IRC Mythos XC 29"er tire

1 Specialized Nimbus FS 26" tire (road slick)

email at, message me via the forum or call 902-220-0848
I am in Kentville but travel weekly to the city.

I’ll take that slick off your hands. Always good to have one hand for trainer use.

Done…I will bring that tomorrow to the AVMBA meeting.

I’ll take the CSTs !

And the cst’s go to bignose.

They will cost you having a beer with me. I’ll buy the beer.

No WE"ll buy THE BEERS.

What size is the Kinetic?

The Kinetic is 26 x 2.1. Charles, right? They’re yours. Next Tuesday evening ride I will bring it to you.

I’m not sure when I’ll be back in Halifax, but I hope to be within a week at the most. I will be in touch Bignose and Xaero and we’ll make arrangements.

Ryan, I will get that tire to you ASAP.