FS: 2007 Kona Jake the Snake

Its a double. The bike came with a Compact crank set orriginaly. The bottom bracket was loose, the crank loosened, and the splines got worn out. So the shop replaced the BB and crank on warranty but put a larger ‘road’ ring on it. My wife actually liked this better so we didn’t complain.

klassickona.com/oldgold/2k7/ … index.html

49cm frame, 105 components, Specialzed Allez seat.

Asking $1000.

252 5155
Beaver Bank


Price flexable!

Note: I have sold my Jake the Snake.

The wife’s is now up for sale. Same specs. Different Seat : Specialized Womens Specific.

49 cm? Pics?

Hi Nelly,here’s a pic. Also I work from home, so you can call ahead and come see it. 252 5155

Of course, its the one on the top :slight_smile:http://resource.pedaltrout.com/old_site_images/b237b7e3daaec20497863be7b6d62984.jpg

Is that a double or triple chain ring?