FS: Almost brand new Avid Elixir 5 brakes

These brakes are brand new off of my 2011 Giant Reign 1, I have only ridden the bike twice. These brakes include a 7 inch front rotor and a 6 inch rear rotor. They work great and have tons of stopping power. I love Avid brakes, these are the 3rd set I have owned on different bikes. I am only selling these because I think I want to try a different brake this season just to see if there is anything else out there as good as the Avids are. But if all else fails I will just default back to another set of Avids.

Here is a picture of the brakes. It isn’t my picture but it showed the all of the brake in one shot. The levers on the brakes I have are black though, not grey.

Sorry - Couldn’t copy this image

These brakes cost about $225 plus tax each to buy them from a shop, I am asking $260 for the set of brakes including rotors and the adapters on the brakes right now. I have a bag full of adapters, so I will gladly dig through it and try and find the adapters to fit your bike if the ones currently on the brakes don’t work.

Feel free to ask any questions. My email is w0134470@nscc.ca