FS: Barely used Sigma Karma Pro Li Ion 200 Lumen light

I am selling my Sigma Karma Pro bike light. The light is super light weight and small so it is hard to catch on trees and branches. This little single LED light gives off 200 lumens in a nice beam that has a perfect mix of flood and spot. The Li Ion battery is small and light but is still good for 3.5 hours on high power. This light provides plenty of light for mountain biking at night, and sheds a ton of light for riding on the road and commuting.

Everything seen in the picture is included with the light, a helmet mount is also included. ( a keen eye will deduce this picture is not mine, I found it online, hence the euro plug on the adapter. Everything is pictured here is included including a helmet mount. I couldn’t take a picture laid out this nice, so I am using this one)

Sorry - Couldn’t copy this image

This light sells for $200 plus tax at the shop, I am asking $160 for everything. I only used it this fall for a few rides and then I sold my bike and now the weather is just not co-operating for night riding. I also do not plan to ride much this winter (mainly due to the lack of money for studded tires nor the motivation top make any), but I am told the lights on the snow at night is pretty awesome.

Feel free to ask any questions. You can email me at w0134470@nscc.ca