[FS] Gamebike/PS2/trainer bundle

Never too early to think about you to get in some base miles during inclement weather.

What I have here is great bundle to make riding a trainer fun!

  1. Cateye “Play don’t train” GameBike. Turns your bike into a game controller!

  2. Sony Playstation 2 slim with two controllers and the following games
    -Mountain Bike Adrenaline
    -Tourist Trophy
    -Offroad Fury 4
    -Test Drive off road Wide open
    -Grand Turismo 4
    -Sonic unleashed
    -Burnout3 Takedown

  3. A Ps2 to Xbox controller adapter, so that this package could be used with an Xbox (I’ve never tried).

  4. Magura Rim Drive Trainer

  5. Tacx Tire Drive trainer

That’s right, two trainers, sell the one you don’t want!

Best reasonable offer takes it all!

Hey I know this is super old, but was wondering if you still had the cateye gamebike?

I do still have the Gamebike, but I live in Ontario now.