FS - Specialized Rime Shoes 9.5/10

I have 2 pairs of Specialized Rime Shoes. Both are in good shape with boa closures and Vibram soles. Good all around shoe for walking and peddling. $40/pair

Is the size 9.5/ 10???

They’re a 44 which Specialized calls a US 10.6. They fit me perfectly and I generally float between a 9.5 and 10 - depending on the shoe manufacturer. Certainly not a 10.6.

Spesh 45 is closer to a 10. Spesh shoes run small.

I’ve had 5 pairs of Specialized shoes in a row. For me they’ve run about a half size bigger.

I meant the Euro sizes are small. I have 45 specialized but 43 or 44 everything else.