Future rear derailleur upgrade

Prob a dumb question to the more seasoned mtber but here goes haha.
No plans anytime soon as my bikes practically brand new but on my trance 3 I have sram SX drivetrain. Which i didnt know until recently the derailleur is plastic. I can only assume im going to have to upgrade at some point.
My question is can I upgrade to say a GX derailleur and use the rest of my sx drivetrain?
Thanks again for any info

Yes, you can do that, may want to consider the GX shifter too as it’s a bit more robust

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Right on. Thanks man

unless it breaks on you not sure how much gain you would get from replacing that specifically as the shifter is what is going to make the biggest difference in feel and is the cheaper first purchase vs the derailleur, though i have heard some complaints on how the SX rear mech routes the cable its a pretty simple device.

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Good to know and a good point Thanks man.
No plans anytime in the near future to upgrade unless like u said I break it. Who knows at that point maybe i decide to upgrade the whole drivetrain.
Thanks again always appreciate the info I get from this forum.

NP just a note i think the SX cassette doesnt use the XD driver when it comes time to replace that check before you buy as the GS/NX cassette likely wont work on your wheel (sunrace etc have alternatives too)

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Perfectly fine to put a GX Eagle mech with the remaining SX kit… that’s what I’m running now and the shifting is great. World of difference between how the SX and GX perform. I assume putting the GX shifter on will improve feel at the lever, but if you’re just concerned with reliability then get the mech first.