Garbage Day Free Score!

Next years’ Ice Racing machine!

I found out some more info on it.

The model I have seems to be from the early-mid seventies. It was made in portugal by Stelber. It seems to be a rarer bike for North America as it has different fenders and styling cues than the models made in the states.

I just tore it apart and have to price out some replacement parts (bearings, handlebars, grips etc). I’m thinking of getting a few pieces rechromed depending on the price.

I picked up the entire back half of an adult trike conversion today on the way to work! Stoked. I am making a super low geared bike truck thingy for trail work, trailer park haulage, cat taxi and possibly a winter trail groomer. Should be awesome. Came with the freewheel, drum brake, chain, good bearings and derailleur. Good thing I have a steel lugged bike in the shed… WITH friction shifters! :slight_smile:

Nice! It was a good day all around.

I scored a 60/70’s Iverson 20" hot rod bike. I think it’s the Mini Miss, but I’m unsure of the exact year.

Iverson bike in this era were designed by George Barris (famous auto designer i.e. batmobile, general lee, The bev hillbillies cars etc). It’s a basic banana seat bike but cleaned up it’ll be nice.

Spring dumpster diving can score some seriously nice stuff!

Mike, you’re going to look pretty styly on that Mini Miss. Do you think you’ll do any races on it? Where are you going to store your beers? There’s not a whole lot of water bottle room there.