Giant goes ALL IN on 650b … Bikes.html

Well… this really has me thinking now. Trance looks like a really really sweet “next bike”

Knowing the advantages of the 29er I would love to test drive a 650b.

Just when I think about trying the koolaid, they change the flavour… :stuck_out_tongue:

Where is the elusive Trance SX…

I’m not moving from 26" until all of this wheel size nonsense settles down. Last time I herd, people were all talking about how 650b was pointless because it wasn’t much different from 26" and 29ers are where we really need to go. Now Giant seems to be saying that “oh no, 650b is where it’s really at for most people”. So I’m sitting on the fence.

Giant did post their data at least versus just anecdotal evidence. And everyone still has choice in anycase.

Just wait til SuperCycle comes out with their 31er front, fat bike rear… sweet chopper geometry. :sunglasses: