Giant Halifax not allowing test rides?

It does sound like you need a large. Giant‘s spec is usually the best value. It’s great that the Trek retailer will swap the post for you.

Luckily for you there are many other shops and brands to choose from.

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Find somewhere else to buy a bike! I’ll never step foot into giant Halifax again. I searched high and low for a bike for my girlfriend, finally found one Tempt 2 in the right size and they had one left in stock. I was asked to put a 400$ deposit down on the bike, which is completely understandable. Two days later I received a phone call saying the bike was sold to someone else instead and asked if they could return my deposit. When I asked for my money back I was told I had to wait 8 hours until that evening when he got off work and got home before he could e transfer me the money back. I live in Truro and didn’t want to drive in. When I said I needed my money back right away so I could put a deposit down on a bike at valley stove and cycle my only option was to drive back into the city and go pick up my money. The older guy working would barely even look at me when he gave me my money back. Never again will I do business there or recommend anyone too them! Valley stove and cycle has been amazing to me, along with cyclesmith, sportwheels, and bike Monkey. Find somewhere else to buy your bike!!


I’ve only been into the shop once, but it was enough to know that I’d never go back.

I’d look elsewhere for a Giant if possible. Stove and Cycle in the Valley would get my vote.


Thanks for all your input everybody! Certainly helped with my purchasing decision


That is ridiculous, what was the point in putting down a deposit. Terrible business move by giant halifax.


Ouch, that smarts.

From the trade mag Bicycle Retailer

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Got a large Trace 3 from Hub cycles if you are still keen on a Giant and want to try it out. So far in the few rides my son has had on it, it’s handled Keppock and MR with no issues at all…

I will say I have bought 3 bikes (MK 3 nomad, Giant anthem, and MK3 tallboy) without riding them and been blown away with all of them.

Maybe be easier for me at 6’3” that I am an XL (but many have XXL sizes now) but have always just ridden the bikes and change things down the road when you realize they need changed. You can tweet a lot by leaving a bunch of spacer in the steerer tube, and adjusting the seat position.

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Welp, I’ve paid a deposit to Giant to hold a medium Trance 29 for me (assuming they actually honor it) and I haven’t cancelled it yet, so if I can test out a medium Trance in the next week or so, then I’d consider that my best case scenario. Otherwise I’ll just cancel my deposit and wait for maybe the new Stumpjumper.

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There is only one place giving a proper bike fit now and that is Sweet Ride Bike Shop in Mahone Bay. They are the Specialized dealer for Nova Scotia and the owners (Al & Rose) really know there stuff. They even have a machine to measure the distance between your sit bones which is essential when buying a bike saddle. Mine is 112mm. Hard to imagine buying and riding a bike without a proper bike fit. Go to Mahone Bay and meet the owners - Specialized is an excellent brand. Well worth the time and effort to drive to Mahone Bay.


Thanks @Mike_Whitehouse I wasn’t familiar with that shop! I’ll give them a call to see what they can work out for me.

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Spoke to a couple of places and no delivery dates yet for 2021 Stumpies :frowning:

Might be later this fall, might not be till sometime in the winter when they start to show up…

EDIT: Was also told by the folks at Giant Halifax that Giant won’t be shipping many more bikes to Canada for next year, not counting the ones already backordered. Sounds like stock of bikes in stores may continue to be slim into next year.

Valley Stove and Cycle, and Hub Cycle also sell Specialized bikes. VSC has a sit bone fit tool, a foot bed measuring tool and there are two folks trained in the Body geometry fit system. Just an FYI.


If the bikes were not put on the booking, additional bikes may not be available. Of course, other Giant dealers may have the bike you want on booking as well.

Have you seen this @baron?

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I didn’t, but I actually just pulled the trigger on a new Fuel EX7 on Friday.