Giant TCR road bike

Selling my road bike. Haven’t used it yet this year. Medium sized, full 105 with compact crank. Fresh drivetrain. Burlier cross wheels on it clad with 25mm tires. Pics soon. Aluminum with carbon fork and seatpost. Super nice bike, but no time to ride. $850, or trade for a decent tandem bike? Going on Kijiji soon, so if you want it, grab it before someone puts aerobars on it, pees on it and crashes at the turn around spots.

Here it is!

Composite? Can’t recall if they made the TCR in ALUXX.
What year?

All tri-dork jokes aside, a buddy of mine has borrowed my old OCR2 because he wants to start triathlon-ing. This TCR would actually be perfect for him. (And I might get my old winter bike back before winter)

This is a huge amount of bicycle for only $850.