GoFundMe for Bit Bikes Brews

From the GoFundMe description….

As many of you know, BBB was broken into again this week. Extensive damage was made to the trailer and much was stolen. Cynthia has added so much to the experience of Brookvale with this incredible small business and her welcoming and supportive way of treating everyone in our community. We love her business and all her support for the biking/hiking/skiing community. This latest break in literally puts the business at risk of closing and puts Cynthia in a tough spot financially. She would never ask for help, but she deserves it so much.

The funds raised will be used to replace goods that were stolen and add security features like fortifications to the trailer and video surveillance.

Let’s not let the crooks win on this one and let’s show our support for such a wonderful small business that adds so such to the Brookvale experience.




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Donated. It’s such a great spot! We chatted with Cynthia for about 45 mins on a slow day after riding- a true asset to the cycling community(and also a smart pivot for her during pandemic times)


It really does add to the already great vibe at Brookvale.


A little update from Cynthia:

Dear wonderful people,
*This little update is brought to you by the makers of shipping containers and security cameras. Your generosity has allowed me to go forward with purchasing a cute little shipping container as well as replace much of what was stolen AND to add some Fort Knox-type security. As you are all aware, I’m not one to be at a loss for words…EVER, but your response has quieted my racing mind and heart and opened me up to the gratefulness of it all. *
*I have been pretty obsessed with what happened and wanting to rectify and fix everything as quickly as possible so I can get back in business. Things are moving at a good pace and I am planning to be out at Brookvale next weekend. I’ll still be in the trailer until the c-can is ready. *
Thank you, again.



That’s amazing and should be a much more secure setup :crossed_fingers::heart:

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The new and improved BBB opened today.