Gonna ride the Links Boxing day

Now that our roofs are fixed, yards cleaned up and Christmas season behind us, we are in trail cleanup mode from the big windstorm on Dec.13th. The AVMBA has formed a partnership with the Woodville Community Association to care for the Links trail system. We are planning a volunteer trail cleanup work party on Saturday and Sunday of next week (Jan 15th and 16th.) We have a crew of chainsaw operators lined up but need volunteers to pile wood and brush. We will be working in teams of three (one saw operator, two pilers) and spreading out over the entire trail system. We hope to have a tractor and ATV on site to ferry gear and pull down hung trees, etc.

If you are available, we need you! We will be meeting at the Main Parking Lot on top of Burgess Mountain Road both days. We’re meeting on Saturday at 12:00 noon, and on Sunday at 10:00am. We plan to work until dark both days. Any amount of time you can donate, even if it’s only an hour will be greatly appreciated. Here’s a list of useful items you may want to bring along for the work day:

]Appropriate clothing including snowshoes if needed /:m]
]Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including safety glasses, earplugs or muffs, good gloves, steel toed boots /:m]
]Small First-Aid Kits (we’ll have crew-sized kits and a first-aider on site both days) /:m]
]Water, food and hot drinks /:m]
]Two-way walkie-talkies if you have any /:m]
]Folding saws /:m]
]NO AXES! /:m]
]No operating chainsaws without required PPE /:m][/list:u]

Some of us have already done some of the heavy cutting, and the Annapolis Valley Ridge Runners snowmobile club have cleaned out a fair amount of double track. We’re hopeful that one solid work weekend will open up the Links for a great winter of studded-tire riding and snowshoeing. Ryan Lindh and few other local riders have the Gorge pretty well cleaned out (including some sweet new wooden structures compliments of Ryan) and the East Davison Street trail system is about halfway done, so we are making progress.

Hope to see some of you next weekend, thanks. Please direct questions to info@avmba.com.

Mike Hutchinson

For anyone interested, I am going to ride the Links, Sunday morning at 10am. Anyone can come along. If there is a group, the group will dictate the pace but I don’t think it will be to quick. See you there.
Merry Christmas.



I am going to go too.

Had a good ride at the Links. Lots of trees down. We moved alot but there are a bunch that need a chainsaw. We got quite a ways down the gravity link before we found a downed tree but then we had to find an alternative route out. It was that bad.

glad to see you got some clean up work done. I was hoping to get down there but I’ll have to make it down some other time.