Good Advice

I’m going to take Dr. Ridemore’s advice on Monday, planning a little excursion to Irishman’s or Victoria Park if anyone is interested. Celebrating the arrive of a Surly Wednesday for my buddy Neil and going to hit some less technical trails to stretch the legs out a bit.


Looks like I might be able to take Larissa to the wild life park on Saturday so I might be able to join you on Monday!

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Crap I take it back! Lol.

Keep me posted. I’d be up for a ride Monday and was kind of considering Victoria Park.

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I thought you were kayak boy now? Lol …

Congrats and way to go @neil!

Who’s up for race at Victoria tomorrow?

I think his handle is actually @nwmenz but I don’t think he logs in much (at all). I’ll try to get a plan in place with him and post it up.

I don’t have a vehicle but would chip in for gas if someone wanted to do a fitz ride.

I definitely want to hit up Fitz sometime, still haven’t been. Going to plan on Vic Park for now, but hopefully Fitz another time. Let me know you’re going next, I’ll get us there and you can give me the tour. :slight_smile:


I would be very interesting in a Fitz ride.

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There’s a very fun one in June