Good morning everyone! Noob help lol

Been many years sense getting a bike, but decided it time to get active again! Plus its an activity i can do with the kids when they get a bit older. Anyway i just purchased a new to me bike. I know everyone has their preferences so im looking for suggestions. Id like to support a lbs. I need a chain and some other things. Where do you go? Im on dartmouth side. Also do the lbs have/sell bike tools?
Whats the average price for a tune up these days?

Hey @TechBrentC welcome! If you don’t want to leave Dartmouth, your best bet is The Bike Pedaler. Sportwheels in Sackville is nearby too (and offers an ECMTB discount). In Halifax there’s Cyclesmith, MEC, Giant Halifax, Idealbikes, Halifax Cycles, Long Alley Bikes. Probably missing a couple. All fine shops.


My preferred shop is long alley on quinpool. Most tools you’ll need are just a socket set (or crescent wrench) and a set of allen keys. There’s more specialized tools for bottom brackets and stuff. I think most shops start tune ups around 80 bucks for an all over.

Its certainly learning how to mechanic on your own bike if you have the time and patience. It can be hugely important and the skills will help you if you have a mechanical on the trail. My tools are a bit from LBS but some great deals can be found online. I highly recomend taking a gander at this video. Seth is great and certainly has some teachable moments. For the more advance stuff GMBN and RJ the Bike Guy have some helpful videos and Im sure others are grear as well.

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Great to here you’re back on a bike, @TechBrentC! Bike Pedaler is probably closest to you, but like @Rolls says, I don’t think I’ve heard anything negative about any of the local lbs.

Most lbs do sell tools. Like @Antonovich says, a basic set of mechanics tools will get you started - I would add a Philips screwdriver (which you probably have anyway) for derailleur adjustment, and disk rotors require a torx head driver… unless they’re centerlock. A multitool for your backpack for on trail breakdowns is a good idea. A spoke wrench is also a good first specialized bike tool to have. I carry one in my pack in case of a broken spoke, and a chain tool as well, in case I break a chain and need to shorten it. A pedal wrench in my toolbox also sees a lot of use.

Brace yourself… if the chain is very worn, you may need a new cassette and/or chain rings too.

The cassetted and chain rings are not that old from the looks of things, he told me he had them replaced a bit ago. So based on the looks i think a chain will do it. I am an auto tech by trade and have lots of hand tools etc, more looking for bb socket and things like that. Im very excited to be back on the bike. Thanks for the advise! This forum is great!


I use Halifax Cycle. Roger is the advanced bike tech there and is great with high end components. Very affordable for repairs and does not overcharge. They moved from Almon to Kempt Rd next to the Wendy’s.

Oh yeah… make sure you have tire levers too.

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Just wanted to say thanks for all the ideas, and seths videos are gold. I got my chain and got that geared up as well as servicing the rear hub bearings. All is well now, and i am enjoying the ride, but wow am i out of shape! Lol.