Good rear tire

Hi I’m wondering what people are recommending for a rear tire set up tubeless. On the weekend I was at keppoch and got a sidewalk tear in my high roller 2 so I need to get a new tire if I want to keep running tubeless.


If it were me I’d just save some cash and tube and boot it if possible.
I’ve been pretty happy riding up and down keppoch with continental mountain king II’s set up tubeless. They have the PROtection sidewalls that probably add some weight but probably saved me some tears. I got mine on sale at Cyclesmith, not sure if their still available.
Alternatively you probably can’t go wrong staying in the maxxis family. Lots of peeps like DHR, some people run DHF in the rear too, I believe @Coaster2 has a used one for sale-probably ok for riding out the season.
I’ve been running DHF up front with Aggressor in the rear this year (I’ve been lazy and haven’t set them up tubeless yet) and have been pretty happy riding up and down keppoch, cornering etc. I do find the aggressor loses traction easier when climbing wet/loose/greasy stuff around the HRM than the mountain kings, but they subjectively roll better.


Ok I’ll look into it thanks

Michelin wild enduro.:ok_hand:

How are they doing

They have held up great, super strong, kinda a heavy weight at around 1000 grams each. Great front tire loads of grip and cheaper than minions. Plus Sam Hill ran them for a while so they can’t be too bad. Lol


Ok I’ll look into em thanks

not that maxxis high roller is bad but shit happens. try kenda hellkat pro, maybe maxxis again but the better versions. Conti is known to have bad side walls but their pro downhill tyres are great a nd lot of racers use the Der series tyre