Good Road Ride

Thanks Sue. It is a good work out. I had some moments of brillance as I couldn’t believe I was biking up one hill (not too steep) in my top gears and mostly in the middle ring. Also, I was more comfortable with downhill speeds and carved this one turn and I believe I even leaned into this left turn. (reference to previous thread on this site or cogeyed). Just imagine how fast I could go if I had a proper road bike instead of the steel hog of a bike I use for the road (hee, hee).

I often ride to work and home, but there is nothing like a longer road ride to open it up and fly. This was my first long ride of the season. I did the Fall River to Enfield Big Stop ride and back. It was 35 kms and I rode it in 1.5 hours. I was pleased with the stats on my bike computer. Looking forward to doing the Sambro/Herring Cove Loop and then the Aspotogan Loop before the MS Bike Tour. Happy road riding!

Okay, so I hadn’t been on a road ride since my last posting (Fall River to Enfield Big Stop - 35 kms). I decided to go for a ride tonight since there was a break in the rain. I rode the Sambro-Herring Cove loop. I had a few mechanical issues which I fixed and had a pretty good ride. I got back home and checked my bike computer. I rode 44.5 kms in just over two hours and had an average speed of 21.7 kms/hour. My stats were better than my last ride and there were more hills to deal with. Also, I was never in my lowest gear and was in the big ring alot. Next ride … Aspotogan Loop this Saturday.

Great job, Janet! That is a pretty hilly loop - I rode it lots when I lived in Herring Cove and it was always a good way to wake up the legs.