Gore Ride Tomorrow

I know a lot of people would love to ride the fantastic trails at Gore. Gorefest is the perfect opportunity, but if you want to get a taste of what is arguably the sweetest trail system in the province (I personally like Fight Trail the best), there is an open ride day tomorrow. Here is a quote from the Gorefest Facebook page:

Hey there Gang, tomorrow is the first Sunday of the month and that means we have an open ride day here in Gore. There was little rain out in Gore (unfortunately), but that means the trails will still be dry and fast as.
New this year, and going forward is the parking area for riding in Gore. All riding in Gore will begin at the MudCraft event grounds past the farm 1 km on the right. Look for the MudCraft sign and gate, turn right and drive in. From this point you can easily access the trails. Click on the link below for the exact gps location where I am talking about.


See you there!

Thanks for posting this Coaster2!

I am going to see if I can hit it up after supper. Fun place to ride.

We’re on our way now. Anyone else going?

Hey is it possible to go there anytime now? If we start 1km past the farm?

I think its still a first sunday sort of thing. Its a working farm and they want to keep the riff raff out during work times. (I’m guessing here)

The new entrance would keep the riff raff off the farm though.

The Mudcraft entrance doesn’t require you to drive past front of farm or through the pastures. Obviously, it is up to them. Maybe in time, they will open it up to every Sunday or something.

OH! Awesome, didn’t know that.