Gore Trail Building Day - May 11th

We will be up in Gore this weekend having a trail work session at 10am til around 4pm on Saturday. Any help would be appreciated with the A-Gore-Aphobia race coming fast. Please let me know if you can make it for a couple of hours.


man a absolute ton of work got done today. we had a big crew out who worked damm hard. thanks to all that came out and lent a hand. we worked smarter not harder with dougs block and pulley set up and made some damm big moves today. we are that much closer to the ultimate gore loop. plus as a bonus we got the new outhouse’s roofed over with some groovey sheets of plastic. things are looking better than ever for the events at gore this year. we hope to do a couple more trail days continuing the never ending process of bringing ever more flow to the trail system this year and with one or two more turn outs like today we can make a lasting difference for the better. yes it’s that damm good.

I love you all for it. Even more than I already did. Thanks a whole bunch. Next time we are all out, tell me I said to get you all a beer on me. Seriously.