Gore Trail Passes

If your planning on Riding at Empire trails (Gore) don’t forget your pass. Maintaining & developing a quality trail system costs $$$



Thanks for the link, I picked mine up :wink: now all we need is more sun! where can I get a pass for that! :smiley:


It’s in the forecast after today. :crossed_fingers:t2:


i wish i lived closer, such a beautiful spot - very much worth the long drive and day pass!


Will pick one up and hit the trails if I make a trip to the city. Was just wondering about this place the other day.

It actually even cleared up quite nicely in the valley by mid afternoon. Hoping it sticks around for a bit!

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Same here on the peninsula. Forecast is looking promising.

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I just renewed my Keppoch membership!
Usually I pay as I go at Empire as I don’t often get out there as often as I’d like. Is the honour box still in place or is it all online paying now?

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As of last summer the honour box was there… but you save a dollar doing it online!


Trails there just get better and better! Still a bit limited, but what is there are some of the best trails around.

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Are they cool with dogs on the trails at empire?

As long as the dogs are cool around cows. I’ve never seen an issue yet or heard of a dog restriction.

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