Gore trails (Blois Family farm)

A few of us went up and did some trail work last night. The parts of the course that we were on had drained the water well. If we don’t get alot of rain on Friday the course will be in great shape for Sat. and Sun.

The trails have never been better. Even with all the rain we have had it is pretty dry. Lot’s of work done this year. A big thank you to all that have helped. Our club is doing it’s group ride up there this Wednesday July 22nd at 7pm. It isn’t everyday that you get a chance to ride out there so come on out and join us if you wish. We are meeting at the A-Frame at 7. It is private land and we don’t always have access so if you were planning a pre ride it is Wed. or Saturday 10am til 6pm

Tom has worked really hard this year on improving this trail. With the help of all of his minions of trail elves, they’ve fixed the worst sections and even improved some that only needed a little help. Be sure to check out the big bridge construction that went on and the climb afterwards. It’s awesome!

I won’t be able to attend Wednesday due to other plans but it will be a good time for sure. If you want to ride longer be sure to bring your headlights. Oh yeah, and don’t forget your bug dope!

Happy trails!

Weather watch!

We will be checking in with the boys at the farm today to see how wet it is out there. As soon as we hear back we will post here and on the event whether the ride is still on or not.

Stay tuned!


Sorry folks, it’s too wet in Gore to ride the course. Hopefully it will be nicer on Saturday for the official race pre-ride day from 10am to 6pm. Hope you can make it and the weather holds!

Happy Trails!