Gorefest Results

A beer tent has some logistical issues to deal with including increased liability and costs.

Not out of the realm of possibility but other items are more pressing for 2011.

Just when you thought I forgot about posting the results…

Here they are:


  1. Zuzanna Eletora 10 laps
  2. Kelly Burgess 9 laps
  3. Sue Earle 7 laps


  1. Jamie Lamb 14 laps
  2. Martin Austin 14 laps
  3. Randy Gray 13 laps


  1. Craig Harper 12 laps
  2. Josh Lamkey 10 laps
  3. Chris Price 9 laps

Team of Two:

  1. Amy Gough/Erica Doucet 10 laps
  2. Pat Craig/Sherry Huybers 9 laps
  3. Kate Gilmore/Natasha MacDonald 3 laps


  1. Kevin Noiles/Terry Tomlin 16 laps
  2. Daryl Stewart/Rob Klue 15 laps
  3. Jamie Bowie Haynes/Stephen Cameron 14 laps


  1. Andrew L’esperance/Enid Schaller 15 laps
  2. Grace Simms/Jeffrey Simms 13 laps
  3. Adrian Doolittle/Kaarin Tae 13 laps

Team of 3:

  1. Ellen Sherren/Lori MacInnis/Rachel Parkins 9 laps
  2. Britt Pye/Denise Maclean/Jenny Acres 7 laps


  1. Geoff O’Toole/Jonathon Arnold/Mark Pennell 15 laps
  2. Aaron Neaves/Dave Lutes/Mark Macdonald 15 laps
  3. Emmett Blois/Craig MacPhee/Jason Darlington 14 laps


  1. Odette Comeau/Luc Comeau/Randy Comeau 13 laps
  2. Simon Myatt/Mackenzie Myatt/Iain Myatt 11 laps

Let me know if I made any mistakes!

Any photos please send me the links. I was unable to take any photos so I’d love to see them and send them to my sponsors so I can grow the event for next year!

You can find mine on Facebook, Mike.

I’ve put all the result on gorefest.ca.  If anyone sees any mistakes I’m happy to correct them.

2011 Gorefest Plans

I’ve taken a lot of notes and have a long list of items to improve upon to make Gorefest 2011 even better than before.

Some of these are going to happen for sure and others need some logistics worked out.
I’d like to mention a few thingat will make Gorefest 2011 more enjoyable for everyone.

There will be an option for a 4 hour event for those who may feel that 8 hours is a bit long for them.
It will be limited to solo and teams of two.
I will be working with the timing crew to ensure that we can properly track the riders who choose this option.

I am also going to work on a smoother registration process both online and day of.
I hope to organize some early registration events that will allow riders to register early and save money at the same time.

I have approximately 45-50 other items I hope to address before Gorefest 2011.

Anyone who has feedback I am eager to hear from!

Beer tent!

Beer tent.

NOT kidding. :slight_smile: