Gorge Enduro race June 1/2

It’s Enduro Time!

While I’m stil bummed out that we had to postpone our DH race (new day should be some time in August) , I’ve shifted my stoke towards next weekends Enduro event!

Wait whats Enduro you may say? Enduro is a cool race format that sits somewhere in between DH and XC. For our races riders will do two separate courses (one lap down each) and the best combined time wins! It’s going to be a great mix of extended downhill sections, a few short climbs and a ton of fun!

After your first timed run starts you will have 20minutes to finish the first course and pedal / hike back to the top to check in for your second run. When you get to the top you will be greeted by the sweet aroma of fresh bacon. Thats right there will be a bacon rest station! If your late for your check in time that time is added to your total for the day so don’t take too long. Second runs will start approximately 15 minutes after the last rider clears the first trail. This will allow time for course marshals to swap over to their new spots. You’ll have time up top to rest a bit between runs and do some bike tune ups if needed, and eat bacon!!

Looking to get a bit rowdy? There will be some great optional features like jumps and drops to get your fill or air time on plus you’ll generally save some time by taking the jumps.

The course will start up top at the DH start tower and work it’s way down to the same finish as the DH but using some different trails in the middle for longer laps. Check out the map below for the course layout:

We’re running adult a/b/c/f categories and youth U17 / U15 for this race. Adult categories are $25, youth $20. You do not need a full face helmet thou we do recommend gloves and pads just incase. As for bike selection my thoughts would be that your average trail bike / all mountain bike would be perfect. A 5 or 6 inch travel rig would be a ton of fun on this track.

Course video and photos coming tonight or tomorrow. So check back soon. Questions? Post em up or email race@trailflow.ca

Looks awesome! Especially as this format is something I could really get into. Thanks for the putting this on!

Looking for a guided pre ride of the trails and even a few tips on shaving a few seconds of your race runs? I’ll be giving a guided pre ride of the course this Wednesday, drop by the Gorge around 6:30 and tag in for some laps!

Same goes for Saturday, the courses will be open for training all day and we’ll have our skills park set up near the parking area to play on and warm up before hitting the trail. Just a note as it’s Apple Blossom weekend here in the Valley the roads will be pretty nuts on Saturday.

If your looking to get to the trail on Saturday go early before 10:00 or after the parades are finished up mid afternoon. The big parade starts at 1:00 and some of the roads in town will be closed or at lest have heavy traffic. I suggest driving in from the Coldbrook side to avoid the down town. The parade normally runs about 2 hours. Heck why not come ride early then go watch!

… and one more thing. Race promo video! facebook.com/video/video.ph … 8558270431

I’ll be there on Wednesday evening! Looking forward to it.

rode one of these tracks lastnight… its quite twisty and in great shape! will make for a ton of fun. Not sure if my rm flatline is the best selection for this run haha. I am going to try to make it up for this.

Yeah a Flatline might be a bit over kill but still a fun time!

There is going to be one minor change in the layout of the second track, that will cut out short but ugly little rooty climb. The change is getting marked tonight.

So whos going to this? Im going to enter… never raced before so wanna give it a try

Rode the course Wednesday and it has all the awesomeness that is the Gorge. All the best stuff is included.

The course and setup is perfect for the person who wants to get a taste of racing or has ever been intrigued by the notion without the pressure of having to be in the top 1 percentile to participate and have a blast!

This event was a blast, looking forward to the next one. Anyone have pics??