Actually, the old ATV trail will take you down into the P2 trail system too, but I don’t think it’s maintained and not as much fun as the singletrack.

I travelled down from Truro on Saturday morning to check out The Gorge in Kenville and I must say it is a very nice place to ride. The new bridges are top quality. Big props to whoever takes care of that area. A lot of fun to be had in there!


During my time there I ran into a guy who recommended going back up to the service road, riding downhill to find “Phase2”. I took his suggestion and headed that way. All though all I found was a trail in on the left that took me up to the power lines, up the 4wheeler trail and then back downhill on an awesome trail with a lot of wellbuilt berms and good lines. I thought this must have been phase2. After I got home I did some digging online and alot of pictures of what I thought was phase2 definitely was not.

I guess my quesiton is…is the entrance to Phase2 on the left or right of this service road? I feel now I may have to make a trip down again to try this out as it was highly recommended by the gentleman I had run in to.

Thanks for any info


If you ride up the Gorge doubletrack to the top of the hill and then follow the singletrack to the service road, turn right and follow the service road for about half a kilometer on the right. If you see an old Atv trail on the right, that’s not it but you’re almost there. The entrance is really easy to miss.

You NEED to go back and ride it. Those Valley guys are spoiled rotten. It’s 11 out of 10, easily.

Perrrfect. Thanks for the info!

I made it to the 4-wheel path you speak of so I wasn’t far off. Will have to make a point of going and riding this asap!

Thanks Again.