Got it going on for winter riding

River Valley Cycling and Fredericton, NB sure has it going on when it comes to winter riding! Some great organization and trail maintenance of legal trails none the less.

I know there’s always been unofficial trail grooming going on but it would be awesome to get official permission to do this kind of thing in HRM parks, like all the “secret singletracks” at Shubie or Hemlock Ravine and/or share with the grooming efforts of the Martock Nordic Ski Club at MacDonald Sportspark for instance.


It would be really nice is that level of coordination/organization was everywhere.
Tks for posting.

I agree, it’s the level of cooperation between groups and government that is just amazing, they even got a municipal bylaw changed so they could groom singletrack in municipal parks with a snowmobile, pulling a groomer!

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Really? Here its almost every group for itself. A couple of years ago a local ski club took a mini excavator on the trail (mtb summer/ski winter) and removed a lot of rocks to make the winter better for them . . . and “easier” for the mtbers.

I’d say in 4 rides over 6 days I easily got my $25 winter pass worth of riding! No fat bike or studs required. Of course there were times both would have just boosted the fun off the charts. Definitely worth the trip if you’re looking for a weekend away.


Snowmobile groomed singletrack awesomeness! I kind of hate helmet cams with no rider in front but check out the berms around 3:20. They aren’t built up snow they’re like that in summer too.


Wow. It’s faaaast.

Oh yeah super fast, like a bmx or pump track in many spots when i was there.