Gravel tires

Sprung for a gravel bike - what tires are people using for events around here? Not sure how rugged I need to go.

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I’m digging the Maxxis Ravager. I was running WTB tan walls, Raddlers and Resolutes, but I find they don’t hold pressure and sealent dries up too easily in them.

Maxxis Ravagers 40mm. Pretty aggressive tread for events that are limited to dirt roads but I get into places that blur the mtb/gravel line.


37-42 seems to be the zone most are in if riding 700C. Can go bigger if riding 650b if you think ya need it. I’ve run a air liner in the rr for a couple seasons, allows me to get down in pressure without flatting or dinging the rim. Kind of important in HRM since we don’t really have ‘gravel’ (except for parks and rails-to-trails) we have broken rock roads like Pipeline.

I’ve had great luck w Vittoria Terreno Dry. Or a Terreno Mixed on the front and a dry on the rear if it’s gonna be muddier.


What does Vittoria have in an aggressive tread in the 700*40 range? Tried to keep it Vittoria out of habit and previous good experience road/MTB wise but couldn’t figure out what was what. Supply chain issues make store shopping up here an issue as well.

The Terreno series is Dry, Mixed and Wet.

I’ve only used the wet in a 33 for CX, never as a gravel tire. That would be the most aggressive profile but obviously more sluggish on faster terrain.

I’d argue that most of our ‘gravel’ isn’t terribly slippery when wet, not much organic or clay in there, mostly just broken down rock that has been turned into rock chips, sand, etc so haven’t worried too much about a deep bite from my gravel tires.

The wtb Nanos (40mm) that came on our cdales were pretty good too, until they weren’t. Enid is still running them but I ran into a problem with the rear on mine that never got solved.