Great Customer Service Story

I have a Thule Doubletrack hitch mounted rack that I use to haul my bike to the trail head.The post that has the two hooks has a plastic insert with gear teeth that act as a sort of ratchet for moving the hooks up and down so that that hold the frame tightly for transport (I think you all know what I’m describing)

Last week the ratchet piece broke. I contacted Thule to see about getting a replacement part and found out they do not sell the ratchet by itself but rather supply the whole post to replace the old one. It is a $130 plus shipping part. I was placing my order with the customer service person over the phone and when we got to the end and it was time to give her my Visa, she informed me there would be no charge as Thule has a lifetime warranty on all their products. She didn’t ask for photos, emails, proof of purchase or anything like that. She simply took my word as a Thule owner and sent me the part promptly and free of charge. No fuss, no muss.

Thank you very much Thule. You have a customer for life.

I’ve had great service from Thule as well. Lost the end cap on one of the rack posts. Called Thule and they had a new one shipped to me the next day - no charge and no questions asked.

I had no idea they did that. I have the same problem with my of my Sidearms, I’ll have to give them a call!

Placed the order Friday afternoon and my part just arrived (Tuesday morning) from Thule. That couldn’t have went any better.

Wow. Thats amazing. I recently had a hitch bolt (ungraded) twist off on my Swagman rack. I contacted my buddy who also has one and the same thing happened to him the day before. I contacted Swagman 10 days ago . . . nothing.

Another great customer service story.

I bought a new 2015 Trek Fuel EX8 at the end of September 2014. At the end of September I sent the shock back to have completely rebuilt. It was under warranty and was covered by Fox (or Trek) so I was glad. Cyclesmith got the work done promptly and back in time for the all important weekend. My bike was out of my hands for a week but I consider that very short for a repair like this. Now a month later and out of warranty, the freehub body snapped on the way up the Halifax climb at Fight. There was significant damage inside and it look like I was in for a hefty repair bill. The guys at Cyclesmith and in particular TossedSalad took up the cause and today Trek sent a new wheel at no charge. Repair done for free even when out of warranty. :smile: :smile::smile:

Thanks Cyclesmith and Tossed. I appreciate your awesome customer service. Everyone go buy a bike at Cyclesmith!