Unless it says not to, or if it needs threadlock, I grease/oil it. It also requires lower peceived torque to tighten, as all the effort goes into clamping/joining instead of overcoming friction. And it’s assumed you are doing this when torque values are given.

Grease can also prevent noise. I grease crank spindles, steer tubes, (Just a light film), quick release skewers, seat posts, (NOT carbon posts and/or frames, though), cable ends, etc. Actually, on the topic of carbon, NEVER grease anything that will touch carbon. It will sort of weld together. It sucks. There is friction paste made for this.

I still grease barrel adjusters too.

Do you guys grease all threaded parts of your bike? I’m curious what others do, as its a habit I’ve started upon.

From reading , I learned

  • makes installation easier

  • it prevents bonding of metals thro oxidation (rust)

  • makes removal easier since it repels water. once again. rust.