Green Mile Out and Back

Green Mile: It’s all rideable now! It had been a while since I’d tried riding in there and today it was bone dry making the tough climbs doable. You have to have your trials-like bike control skills very sharp but it can be done. I walked the bridge on the way back, and dabbed once but that was it. If we don’t get too much rain it should be great again by the weekend. Enjoy!



What do you mean by, “its all rideable now”? What it incomplete before or just too wet or something?

I noticed there has been more traffic around the entrance lately, but when I was there last year it was pretty green and spongy.

Here’s a track I made out to green mile. (I thought I went further another time but cannot find it.) Do you know how far you went?

I’ve always hoped someone would connect Green Mile to Evil Birch.


The last time I rode it it was still quite soft and there was no bridge and there was lots of branches on the trail. It was so dry today that you could chug up the steep climbs and maintain grip.
I couldn’t see your track but here is my ride from today. I made Green Mile a segment and it’s a little over a km one way or 2.3kms out and in. There is a very small loop at the end and a hiking trail that heads off towards Evil Birch. I’m sure they meet but there would be a lot of hike-a-bike.


Yeah, that’s the same track I rode, thanks. I’ll have to check it out again.

There would certainly need to be some trail building to connect the two. Currently, the trail is too far out to get much traffic. Once the lower part of whopper is gone. It might be a way to extend the trail.

Looking at the topo and satellite map its looks like there is at least one stream / swampy area to cross on the way to Evil Birch. It would also be quite a bit of trail maybe ~4kms to link up, but there is some nice granite and elevation changes in there I’m sure.