Grey Mountain, Falmouth

Thanks to the Currys for being fantastic tour guides today. Very much appreciated!

Taryn, I guess the fact that you missed this ride means we’re just going to have to do another one soon. Such a hardship! Stay tooned…

Is anyone interested in a ride at Grey Mountain in Falmouth in the near future? I know of some people who’d like to check it out, but we need a guide. Drop me a message or post up if you’d be interested in riding or guiding! This would be a fairly slow-paced trip and there may be some beginners attending. Any volunteers?

I like the sounds of ‘a fairly slow-paced trip and there may be some beginners attending’ so I am interested in riding :slight_smile:

Hey Sarah, are you out there? Up for a ride on Saturday?

Saturday sounds good to me. Can we do it fairly early in the day though?

10:00 sound ok with everyone?

Perfect! I will let Angela know as well.

Hey Sue - I was planning on riding the Links Saturday but haven't ridden Grey Mountain in years. Would you mind if I joined you folks and bring along anyone who was going to ride the Links with me?


WE’d love to have you along, Jim. This is going to be a slow exploratory ride, but if you guys are cool with that we’d be stoked.

damn… wish I could make it. The single track is likely grown in. I bit it’ll be a blast anyway. Haven’t been there since the old racing days

We were up there last fall, Doug, and the singletrack has been maintained. I don’t know my way around, though, so I’m not sure how easy it will be to find. Sorry you can’t make it, but if you change your mind you know where to find me!

Oh, and I promised Taryn that the next ride would end in beer and food, so if anyone’s up for hitting the Spitfire after the ride …

are you guys meeting at Eldridge park for the Gray mountain ride this saturday, if so me and a few others have kept the trails rideable and know them pretty well and be more then willing to show you the trail. if you dont mind a few more riders along for the ride.

That would be most awesome if you don’t mind going at our slow pace! Eldridge Park it is, 10 am. The more the merrier. Should be a fun ride, I’m stoked.

Sounds fun, and going at a slow pace wont be a problem.

I’m getting excited now. So glad to hear the trails have been kept up!

Not sure I remember how to get to Eldridge Park. Sue, can we meet at the Falmouth exit off 101 at 09:45?

Sure thing, Jim. There’s an information kiosk there, isn’t there? We’ll meet you there.

Sure thing, Jim, we’ll meet you there.

Hey there kids.

Looks like I’m in!


Awesome ride, everyone, thanks for coming out. Taryn and Angela, we missed you today!

I’m eating ice cream now and I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty!