Grip Studs - Install, Ride & Discount (video)

I had the opportunity to stud my fat bike tires with Grip Studs and they gave me a heck of a lot more stability on ice. Even increased the snow traction. They will also work on “skinny” tires and I did install a couple in my riding boots.

Until the end of February 2014 Grip Studs will offer a 10% discount on orders of 300 or more GST1000s (bicycle grip studs) + tool. Just look for the special code at the end of the video and quote it at the time of ordering.

Check out the install and ride vids.


Those are really slick! I really like the fact that they don’t puncture the casing of the tire, but holy those are pricey! I would love to get some, or something similar, but there is no way I will be spending $150+ just for studs alone when I build my next set of tires.

I’ll be doing this next year, methinks! Other than the price, it is pretty much the perfect answer. Did you also post this on I remembered seeing these there just the other day.

Yea . . . they are a little more expensive than screws . . . but they do not destroy the tire.

I did not post it to, however I did share it with another forum or two.

I understand them for fat tires where other options don’t exist… but at 150 per tire… I"d buy tires ( for a regular bike )

Jeff, I thought that as well, but this way you can pretty much stud your favourite set at the end of fall, keep riding them, and pull the studs out again in the spring and ride them until they wear out. Decent tires are going to cost almost that much, at regular pricing. But, you’re right. 26" crowd has a fair bit of winter tire options, 29er is getting there, and I’ve seen maybe two fatbike tires. Another plus to these over studs; no heavy and flat prone tire-in-a-tire set up. No reduction in tire volume either.