Group Rides near Halifax (other than Tuesday PM)?

Hey everybody,

A friend and I joined the ecmtb weekly ride early in the season at the Whopper Dropper and really enjoyed being guided around the trails. Since then I’ve found a group of friends that ride the cyclesmith short track series every Tuesday night #spandex, which is a great time (in case anyone is interested). Unfortunately this means that I can’t make any of the ecmtb group rides until mid July. This has really put a damper on exploring new trails for me.

Would any locals that know the trails in the Halifax area be interested in doing regular group rides on any night that isn’t Tuesday? Weekends will usually work for me as well.

PS: I ride XC at an intermediate/advanced level but my fitness is beginner one a good day lol and the only trails I’ve rode so far are the fight trail and whopper plus exploring long lake area and Dingle park area.


I am in Shubie Park a lot. There are several neat little single tracks in there. I have limited transportation, which is why I am there more than other places :slight_smile: Anyway hit me up if you ever are over in Dartmouth and want to go. I can go most week days after 6 and weekends anytime. Goes for anyone. Im always looking for people to go with. Shubie is fun but can be boring alone :smiley:

I will gladly show you around any of the area trails. I ride most evenings and every weekend. Always looking to add tot he group. My crew is a bunch of old and slow 53-64yr olds but we hold our own


Mog I was at Shubie last night. Didn’t see any other rider. What do you ride? I ride a black Trek Fuel EX8. Can’t miss my lime green helmet and off the charts general good looks

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Yesterday I was out of town, by the time I got home I was exhausted haha. I got a pic of my bike in my profile :slight_smile: Want to set something up for tomorrow?

few bike pictures here

Thanks for the replies guys! I’ll be in touch via PM to get some rides organized!

If you post a ride here for others to join you get the coveted Ride Organizer badge. It’s a beer stein.

ive posted group rides before. i never got no stinkin beer stein :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did you? I missed it.

wasnt stressing it :grin: I was just kiddin :smiley:

@Mog it’s a “virtual” beer stein. Don’t get too excited :wink: