Group rides

When do the group rides start up again? Meant to get out last year but never had a chance. Couple trails id like to be shown around by riders who know it a little better.
Plus my buddies r all flakes lol so i rarely have ppl to ride with lol

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Normally the group rides run all year long when the weather allows, but this whole Covid thing threw a stick in the spokes. We’re all antsy to start them up again, just waiting a little longer until more restrictions are lifted. They should resume sooner rather then later, so long as things continue to progress how they have been.


Further to what @jetter said, official ECMTB weekly group rides will resume when the state of emergency is lifted here in NS (currently extended to June 14).


It’s getting closer to group ride time!

[June 18 update: Nova Scotia 'bursting the bubble' to ease COVID restrictions | Provincial | News | The Chronicle Herald]


Looks like it.