Had a nice share the road conversation with a redneck!

I was in a store at lunch and was approached by a 20 something redneck after he saw this sign on my car:

It went like this

So, you’re one of those guys that shares the road with bikers eh?
Yup, I’m also one of those bikers
You don’t think its a better idea for them to be on sidewalks?
No, I think thats a stupid idea. People walk there and I want to go fast
But if a car hits a biker its a lot worse than a biker hitting a car.
If a car hits a biker , they are murdereres and in NS by law they have to give cyclists 3 feet of room
There isn’t always room.
There is if you slow down and wait your turn. I own 2 cars. I pay the same taxes as you on the roads so don’t even try that argument.
what about in cities?
no different. I rode my bike for 3 years in Montreal just fine.
Montreal is a lot different they have a whole separate transit system
blank stare… no they don’t.
Oh I mean ottawa.
Well… whatever. They still have cars and bikes. Have a nice day.

Sounds to me like “redneck” is perhaps a little too polite!

He was actually just too stupid.

That has to be the start of your stand up comedy routine…or his parents were brother and sister.

Invite him for a ride.

If i see him again, sure :slight_smile:

Stupid people are much harder to argue with than intelligent ones.

Oh yeah! Wanna bet? What are you trying to say? You trying to get under my skin? I’LL KICK YOUR ASS!!!"

ahem… :slight_smile: