Halifax to Lunenburg Trail

Some good news today for the rail trails connecting Halifax and Lunenburg:

acoa-apeca.gc.ca/eng/Agency/ … /4214.aspx


Awesome! I’ve been wanting to do that trek for years now, trail goes right to my grandparents yard in Lunenburg.

It’s already a pretty great stretch of trail. More money to turn it into a tourism centrepiece should really make it top notch. Hopefully it will spark more development along the trail for people to visit (i.e. Bike & Bean type operations).

Looks like another trip to plan to go on.

I find it ironic that they decided to announce this now right before they tear up the Chain of Lakes Trail to install sewage lines. They’re saying the trail will be closed for a year.

It is interesting now that you mention it.

Its an announcement/press release. What, they should sit on it for a year until the all important Halifax section is good to go? This involves 109km of trail, I’m sure all of the sections beyond the** 20km** Halifax BLT will be looking for support and feedback ASAP. Save your tinfoil hats for making baked potatoes.

HaHa, no conspiracy theories here, I think it’s great news. Just sayin’ it’s kind of lame that the trail is complete now but soon won’t be. Especially at the end with the major population centre and possibly the most used section of the whole trail.

Anyway, I hope they can make it like the trails in Quebec which blow all other rail trails out of the water with covered picnic areas, running potable water, outhouses, raised camping platforms with barbecues and cut firewood supplied.

I like baked potatoes

Yeah, if definitely sucks that they’re ripping it all up. Baked taters are good though.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe there will be detours set up when the work is being completed. I’m surprised we haven’t seen any work as of yet. I think they were expecting to get started in December. We rode to Boutilier’s Point on Saturday.