Handlebar shims

I’m in need of some handlebar shims. I’m using a 22.0 bar in a 25.4 stem so need the appropriate shims to make it work out for me.

I have used pop can shims in other areas of the bike, but I’d rather the proper shims in this scenario.

Post up or contact me if you have anything that might work....mike@pedaltrout.com or 220-0848

Don’t think I’ve ever heard of that bar/stem combo before… not sure what would be out there for shims…

Hope someone chimes in to help ya… :slight_smile:

I will check the shop, but all I remember seeing is 25.4 to 31.8. Google it! Also, you might have luck running an old road or BMX stem if it’s a threaded fork in 22.2mm steer tube…

I appreciate you taking a look. I had to do the same setup on my other cruiser, but it’s pretty rare for sure.

If you’ve got a set of calipers, you can hunt around for something that will work. The thickness you need is .063" or approx. 2mm.

Don’t be so ghetto, buy a 25.4 bar. Or better yet, a 31.8 bar/stem.

I may have found some locally. Fingers crossed it will work as it will mean a third klunker/cruiser for the cottage party. Three up racing oh yeah!