Hans Rey Coffee Table Book

Yes, Leech put out Manifesto. He was a bit cooler to me, back then. Manifesto was his video trying to eliminate all the correction hops in trials to make it smoother, flow better and more visually appealing.

Hans ‘no way’ Rey was a phenom in the trials world. He could ride any type of bike anywhere it seemed. A longtime GT rider I remember anticipating the next photo shoot of where and what he would be doing on his bike. He now has a coffee table book out chronicling his travels and adventures.

dirtragmag.com/webrag/hans-r … table-book


Yah, I remember seeing his act at the world mtb championships. Soooo gnarly, dude. Tread: The Movie was just sad, though. Too much gnar and not enough tread… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvGn8g72LH4)

I like him/his cause way better than Leech. And he’s a rad old fella. Leech seems to ramble incohesively nowadays, and is all about some freaky stuff, in my opinion. But generally, he seems like he’s self centered, and also trys to get others to learn the same thing. Not that he brags too much or anything, but it seems like he’s trying to push his perspective on people. Ray, however, ships bicycles to African villages, and mobilizes the populace, and teaches a local to work as the town wrench. Repeat at the next village. More my sort of thing.

I think it would be sick to ride/hang with Ray at some point.

Is he the guy who had somethind called “Manifesto”?